Re: some stats for June 6th way low?

Karl J. runge (
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 10:40:14 -0800 (PDT)

Hi folks, I sent this message about 30 min ago, but it went to Duane
not the group.

I found the problem about 45min ago, I'm embarrassed to say my
cron job ran twice (overlapped) last night. :-(

I've put the previous days' stats in place. Should be about 1.5 hours
to redo the new ones. I will post here when they are up.


> > The stats just put up for June 6th seem about 1/5 what they should be for
> > the sites I have been watching.,, and all seem
> > about 1/5 of normal. Something go awry in the stats gathering, or in the
> > computation?
> CMU.EDU seems to be completely missing and it's one of the highest
> ranked players.
> Duane