Re: Automating Mac Dialup with OTPPP

andrew meggs (
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 14:16:23 -0400

At 12:06 PM -0500 6/7/97, Mike Weber wrote:
>I've set my PPP to drop after 1 minute of inactivity, and I've set
>OkeyDokey Pro to respond to modal dialogs put up by DESChall and the
>Finder in 5 seconds.

If you do that, you definitely should *NOT* disable logfile generation.
Otherwise, you might miss the winning key. You don't need to be constantly
checking the logfile, because the progress window will start flashing "KEY
FOUND!" instead of drawing bars once the key is found, but the full
information on what iteration inside what block will appear in a dialog box
and the logfile, not in the progress window.

>Here's another interesting phenomenon: While OT PPP is connected, key
>processing on my machine runs about 685 kk/sec. The instant the
>connection drops, the search rate improves almost 9% to 745 kk/sec!

Pretty shocking, isn't it? And that performance lag is simply for having
PPP open, even if no data is being sent or received. One of the things that
seems to help is to edit your Modem script and reduce the serial port
speed. Sending data to a 28.8 modem at 115200 bps is just plain overkill.
38400 is more realistic.

If you want to be really shocked, get an MP system and see how fast the
other processor(s) are running compared to the primary CPU that's handling
all the IO interrupts. In fairness, I should say that the overhead on the
primary CPU is only half as bad as the overhead that the "super-efficient"
BeOS puts on both CPU's, but it's still a bit alarming.

>Anyway, now all of you dialup Mac users can let the client run 24/7
>just like the lucky folks with a permanent connection. :)

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