Re: Using New Macintosh Client via PPP

Charles E. Novitski (
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 00:44:35 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks for your suggestions. They have helped but not attained my
objectives. I am trying to get the new Macintosh client to log on and log
off as needed.

System 7.5.5, PPP 2.5, Geoport Internal "modem" 28.8. Internet provider
disconnects after 10-15 minutes of inactivity.

>I've been testing a beta version of the new Macintosh client for several
>weeks now, and have played with several variations to keep it going over
>a PPP connection on different machines. Here's the simplest solution I've
>(1) Set your PPP so that a client can initiate connections. This setting
>is in the PPP control panel. With this setting, the DES client can
>initiate a PPP connection when it needs a new batch of keys. The annoying
>part of this is that when the Mac is re-bonged, it also wants to initiate
>PPP. I can live with this because I rarely restart my Macs.

This was already the case.

>(2) Get a little program called PPPop from the usual sources, or my ftp
>site at
>This is a program which sits in the background watching a PPP connection.
>You can set it to cleanly kill a PPP connection after a certain maximum

I did this. Set the timer to 5 minutes. This basically seems to work
(although it seemed to have had slightly different effects on several
occasions.) But it consistently gives two problems. First, I now get
windows that I have never seen before, one that says that the sever has
said " ", and one that says something to the effect that PPP has
disconnected. Each is a message window that has to be clicked away.

This first problem I tried to solve by using Okey Dokey Pro 2.0. I
downloaded it, installedit, and set the timer to 30 seconds. That is
successful in clicking away the message windows.

But now, problem 2 is that the Deschall Mac client (latest) ends up in the
background so that my speed goes down from 800+kkeys/sec to little over 200
kkeys/sec. My question is how can I restore or retain the Mac client in
the foreground (or comparable fix)?

As an earlier protocol, I used Deschall in the foreground and Eudora Pro in
the background, retrieving mail every 10 minutes. This has two drawbacks.
Presumably because the Geoport is on continuously and is a pseudomodem that
uses substantial cpu capacity, my speed is slowed to about 550+kkeys/sec.
Also, having Eudora and its password open continuously is not always a
satisfactory solution.

Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

>(3) Set PPPop to kill the PPP connection after 1 minute. This is usually
>plenty of time for the client to get a new batch of keys. If it doesn't
>get a batch of keys before the timeout, it will just initiate another
>connection, which repeats the whole process.
>The advantage of using PPPop is that it cleanly kills the PPP connection
>without the long lasting (and key killing) dialogs from the PPP control
>I've been running this way on my machine at home for over a week and
>don't have any show-stopping problems with it.
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