Re: Using New Macintosh Client via PPP

andrew meggs (
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 03:05:53 -0400

At 12:44 AM -0400 6/8/97, Charles E. Novitski wrote:
>System 7.5.5, PPP 2.5, Geoport Internal "modem" 28.8. Internet provider
>disconnects after 10-15 minutes of inactivity.

My first suggestion would be to try using the official OT/PPP rather than
FreePPP or MacPPP or whatever you've currently got. It just seems to be a
little better integrated with OT.

> But it consistently gives two problems. First, I now get
>windows that I have never seen before, one that says that the sever has
>said " ",

That's just weird. Is 'The server said " "' the exact wording?

>But now, problem 2 is that the Deschall Mac client (latest) ends up in the
>background so that my speed goes down from 800+kkeys/sec to little over 200

I've never messed with either of these little extensions, so I can't really
speculate. What program keeps pulling itself to the foreground in place of

> My question is how can I restore or retain the Mac client in
>the foreground (or comparable fix)?

The best solution is to keep the problem from happening. As a second best
solution, someone asked me to make a client that pulled itself to the
foreground automatically if more than a user-settable number of minutes
elapsed, and I added five lines of code to make it do just that. This would
still leave the client in the background for 5-10 minutes every time it got
sent there, but that's better than staying there for an entire keyblock. If
you ask nicely, I suppose you could "beta test" it.

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