Re: Using New Macintosh Client via PPP

Lee Larson (
Sun, 8 Jun 97 10:32:25 -0400

Charles E. Novitski wrote on 6/8/97 12:44 AM

>I did this. Set the timer to 5 minutes. This basically seems to work
>(although it seemed to have had slightly different effects on several
>occasions.) But it consistently gives two problems. First, I now get
>windows that I have never seen before, one that says that the sever has
>said " ", and one that says something to the effect that PPP has
>disconnected. Each is a message window that has to be clicked away.

This sounds to me like the behavior of the PPP control panel and not
PPPop. Check your timeout settings in the PPP control panel and make sure
it isn't kicking in before PPPop does its thing.

My experience with this is that PPPop stays in the background and the DES
client stays in the foreground. There is a message window for ten seconds
or so when the connection is actually being terminated, but nothing else,
and certainly nothing to click. It's been working this way for over a
week. In fact, the new client has been doing this for over 200 billion
keys in the current run.

Perhaps versions make a difference.

Mac OS 7.6.1
Open Transport 1.1.2 (note this is newer than that which comes with 7.6.1)
Open Transport/PPP 1.0
PPPop 1.5.4

I've got this working on a PowerBase 240.

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