Re: Using New Macintosh Client via PPP

Dakidd (
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 11:03:26 -0400

>Perhaps versions make a difference.
>Mac OS 7.6.1
>Open Transport 1.1.2 (note this is newer than that which comes with 7.6.1)
>Open Transport/PPP 1.0
>PPPop 1.5.4
>I've got this working on a PowerBase 240.

The processor makes a *BIG* difference. 68K based systems don't
re-establish comunications under DESChall. DESChall never speaks to the
server again after the connection is lost the first time. Once the PPP
connection is lost (for any reason) DESChall has to be killed then
restarted before any further conversation with the server will happen.

PPC systems run a different version of the client that does re-establish
with the server.

I'm still waiting to see the new version of the 68K client that will
re-make the connection properly. Andrew said he needed stubs for the MP
library to build a 68K version of the PPC client, and I've provided them,
but so far, nada.

Any progress, Andrew? +------------------------------+
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