Re: More on Sun Starfire

Wayde Milas (
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 16:36:58 -0500

>I've had several requests for more info on what a "Sun Starfire" really is:
>briefly, the biggest baddest SMP on the planet...
>- 64 UltraSPARC II processors @ 250mhz, 1 or 4mb ecache (moving to 333Mhz)
>- 64 Gigabytes memory
>- crossbar interconnect (something over 10Gbyte/sec sustained bandwidth...
> don't recall the exact figure)
>- runs Solaris 2.5.1 - fully binary compatible with other Sparc/Solaris
>- Unique domain/partitioning features, and dynamic reconfiguration capabilty
> (cpu's, memory, and I/O can be added and removed from the system without
> interrupting Solaris). Lots of addition RAS features.
>- I have no idea how many terabytes of storage you can put on it, but
> we've got a system right now with 14 terabytes on it...
>Of course, the above is a max configuration. At any given time I have
>several smaller Starfire's contributing DESCHALL.

What does one of these beasts cost?