Re: normal?

Andy Church (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 08:24:14 EDT

>> As for 80 bit DES, I hope you realize that would take 16.7 million
>> times as long as 56 bit will ... ;-)
>Assuming, of course, that the NSA will create such a beast just for
>us ... };->

They have challenges going all the way up to 128 bits. Anyone want
to try _that_? ;) On the other hand, seeing as 56 bits is "just not big
enough" anymore, to borrow Rocke's words, we could always move up to 64
when this is done. I'm borrowing spare cycles from a few Sparc Ultras to
test the RC5-32/12/8 setup I created in a fit of boredom; at the rate they
crunch keys, my expected time to solution has dropped under a million
years! <grin>

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