Re: Basic resources

Garance A Drosehn (
Mon, 9 Jun 97 15:03:31 -0400

> But the knowledge expressed on this list of what we're doing and
> why we're doing it is appalling low. So before you guys make
> any more comments about 80-bit DES, 128-bit RSA keys, the cost
> and speed of specialized FPGA DES crackers, etc., do a little
> homework, huh?

One thing to realize is that what "we" are doing, and why "we"
are doing it depends on which group of contributors you are
talking to. If I have to "do homework" to avoid being berated
for contributing to this project, I'll simply go somewhere else.

> THE resource on cryptography is Bruce Schneier's "Applied
> Cryptography - Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C".
> It costs about $50. Or you can check your local or university
> library. Or go to your local bookstore (I've seen copies in
> some really small places), sit down with a copy, and browse.

There are many interesting things about this deschall project,
and many people contributing. I think it is great to see the
cooperation, even if people don't all want to sit down and read
a book about cryptography. Even from a technical angle, there
are interesting things about what Rocke is doing here which are
not specific to cryptography.

> But please, no more bullshit.

Yeesh. Calm down. I think this list has been very interesting,
even if we're not all memorizing the facts of cryptography.

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