What's Next?

Dave Zarzycki (zarzycki@ricochet.net)
Mon, 9 Jun 97 13:11:15 -0700

Okay, it's easy to hum along while none of us find the key, but what
happens once someone does?

How will the lucky client respond (beeping, mailing of the user who owns
the process, etc.)?

How will the unlucky clients respond?

How quickly will Rocke find out?

How quickly will we (on the list) find out?

How and will the media be notified?

Will we make a coordinated effort and all move on to rc5? (imagine the
sudden speed increase for them! ;-)

In other words, what's the plan?


Dave Zarzycki Student
Workgroup Server QA Tester Irvington High School
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