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>> But the knowledge expressed on this list of what we're doing
>> why we're doing it is appalling low. So before you guys make
>> any more comments about 80-bit DES, 128-bit RSA keys, the
>> and speed of specialized FPGA DES crackers, etc., do a little
>> homework, huh?
>One thing to realize is that what "we" are doing, and why "we"
>are doing it depends on which group of contributors you are
>talking to. If I have to "do homework" to avoid being berated
>for contributing to this project, I'll simply go somewhere

Nobody is asking you to do homework in order to contribute to
the project. However, many of the discussions that have been
going back and forth on this list could be minimized by
knowledge of basic crypto principles--thinks like symetric vs.
asymetric key lengths and how DES works.

A good FAQ is also needed. How many more times are we going to
have people ask "My Windows NT machine has two procs--how do I
use both of them?" How many more times are we going to have
seven people answer them via the list?

>> But please, no more bullshit.
>Yeesh. Calm down. I think this list has been very
>even if we're not all memorizing the facts of cryptography.

Good points on both sides. However, in the realm of discussion
about cryptography, we need people to think or research before
they talk about 80-bit DES, or brute-force key search attacks on
1024-bit asymetric keys.

I think this thread is a good signal that we're ready to split
the list. It seems like every time a mailing list gets fairly
big, tensions build, questions get re-asked, and throughput
comes to a standstill. I would like to suggest that we create
new lists, as well as make sure the FAQ goes out to everyone as
soon as they subscribe to the list--with a suggestion that they
read it. How about lists called deschall-new and deschall-tech,
for starters...

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