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C Matthew Curtin (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 23:42:42 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Haberlach <> writes:

Adam> <gripe> A good FAQ is also needed. How many more times are we
Adam> going to have people ask "My Windows NT machine has two
Adam> procs--how do I use both of them?" How many more times are we
Adam> going to have seven people answer them via the list? </gripe>

This will probably continue to be the case until I am able to update

I agree it needs an update, and in fact, it is about halfway done
through a complete rewrite from scratch, but it's in pieces. The plan
for tonight is to get the Java gateway working so I can begin real
testing with it tomorrow, and then fix the FAQ.

Feel free to contribute to the FAQ; email me a Q&A, and I can slap it
in a lot easier than deciding that it needs to be addressed, then
writing it, THEN slapping it in there.

I'm sorry I'm slow about getting things turned around here, my load
average is extremely high... I'm involved in well over a dozen
different projects, my _inbox_ is now over 550 messages deep, and I'm
literally thousands of messages behind in mailing lists... Sorry, but
you'll just have to either deal with the FAQ or give me a hand.

Adam> I think this thread is a good signal that we're ready to split
Adam> the list.

You're probably right. But guess who has to do that... heh. (You
just can't win, can ya? :-) I like deschall-tech, but I'm going to
kick this around while doing the other-tonight-stuff before doing it.

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