Other Efforts

Terrence L. Domjan (questor@fast.net)
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 00:20:34 -0400


1. I''ve been able to find out about SolNet
but where can I get info about SGI's effort?
Is that just SGI showing off their own machines?

2. Also, in the May 6th MIT story in the News section
on the DESCHALL site, there is a mention of an
effort by MIT:

"Kretchmar said that SIPB had not resolved which
effort to join. Verser's effort is only one of several
plans to break the key. SIPB is looking at an effort
based on an algorithm developed at MIT, Kretchmar said."

Is this a non-brute force algorithm?
Have they started yet?

3. What happened to the DES Violation effort?
I joined the DESCHALL effort only recently and
didn't know anything about DES Violation when I
read that they have stopped working.

Terrence L. Domjan