Re: Process scheduling.

Greg Hewgill (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 22:38:07 -0700

> From: Colin L. Hildinger <>
> NT 4.0 moved the graphics interface into Ring 0 to increase graphics
> performance, but of course, it hurt multitasking because now a kernel
> level process can actually wait on a line to be drawn or a bitmap to be
> blitted. Duh.

I'll refrain from commenting further on this because this mailing list is
refreshingly free from the usual my-OS-is-better-than-yours wars, even with
the wide range of choices made by the participants. (Well, except for the guy
with the Starfire, he deserves whatever he gets! :)

The designers of modern operating systems like NT and OS/2 have put a
significant amount of time and effort into efficient scheduling algorithms.
We've come a long way from primitive time sharing systems where you got your
25 ms slice whether you needed it or not.

This whole thread can be rendered mostly irrelevant if you run DESChall on an
SMP system (<- ob. deschall content). I've played Duke3D on one of the
dual-Pentium servers at work and nobody noticed!