Re: What's Next?

Greg Hewgill (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 22:54:31 -0700

> From: Cassaela <>
> > In other words, what's the plan?
> The future is RC5 for everybody I know.

I've been kind of enamored by the GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Prime
Search) project ( All my machines at work are
cranking on DESChall, but at home I'm running a program that hunts for prime
numbers. I don't have a full time net connection at home, but that's ok
because you check out three to six *months* worth of work at a time!

There are an infinite number of Mersenne primes, so this will keep everybody
busy for quite some time. And if you do find a new prime number, your name
will be permanently attached to that number until the end of human future.
Not just some monetary prize offered by some 20th century cryptography
research firm. :)