Re: What's Next?

Randy Weems (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 05:23:20 PDT

>>How will the lucky client respond (beeping, mailing of the user who
>>the process, etc.)?
>Most terminal-based clients will print "Key found at iteration nnnnn."
>terminate -- hopefully people are redirecting output to a logfile. The
>MacOS client will display a dialog box and replace the progress bar
with a
>flashing "Key Found". I have no idea what happens if someone running
>finds the key.

DESGui changes the title of the Window to "Key Found!", changes
the pop-up message in the taskbar to something similiar, and then every
two seconds it flashes the window, brings the window to front, and
sounds a message beep (icon stop I think). IOW, it tries to get your

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