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Will Koffel (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 15:51:17 -0400

At 12:20 AM -0400 6/10/97, Terrence L. Domjan wrote:

>2. Also, in the May 6th MIT story in the News section
> on the DESCHALL site, there is a mention of an
> effort by MIT:
> "Kretchmar said that SIPB had not resolved which
> effort to join. Verser's effort is only one of several
> plans to break the key. SIPB is looking at an effort
> based on an algorithm developed at MIT, Kretchmar said."
> Is this a non-brute force algorithm?
> Have they started yet?
I talked a little with SIPB a few weeks ago, and got the sense that what
they were speaking of was not so much an MIT effort, per se, but more of an
MIT affiliation. Someone might be able to clarify better, but I think that
one of the brute-force search algorithms was created by (or created in part
by) an MIT professor here, and that SIPB felt a possible loyalty aspect
about running that much computing power on any one effort. I'm not sure if
the MIT affiliation was with the RC5 effort, but it might be. Or something
else. I don't think SolNet, but again, this is all sort of second hand.....

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