Re: Other Efforts
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 00:19:33 -0400 (EDT)

> Why wouldn't a sequential distribution of keys be good? If the failure of
> key X implies nothing about key X+1, then the probability that the real key
> is X+1 is the same as any other unchecked key.
> I would think that a sequential distribution of keys would simplify the
> search. Furthermore, if all three major efforts searched three completely
> seperate areas of the keyspace, the contest would be over sooner (since
> there would be no overlap of the searched areas) and it wouldn't change the
> chance that anybody in DESCHALL would win.

for the single effort (not a combined effort of three (or more) groups,
splitting the keyspace into oh... 8 groups, and then working away from
those 8 marks in both directions and handing out keys gives a better
coverage of the entire keyspace than working from one end toward the other.

of course, a truly random attack on the keyspace would probably still be
more efficient at finding the key quickly.

and of course, i could still be totally wrong.. I make no claims at knowing
anything of algorithm design. Everyone can probably ignore me and their
lives would be better for it. :)

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