Re: Statistical Analysis ...

Evan Jeffrey (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 14:18:49 -0500

>I think we need to add Marilyn Vos Savant to this mailing list to answer
>this question once and for all.
>BTW - if you chopped the keyspace in thirds, and picked one of them
>randomly, then monty hall showed you the key is not in one of the other
>thirds.. should you switch your pick to the remaining third ??

Who cares? an additional 33% checked would be nice in any case! But, of
course, the answer is yes. (Note to the peanut galleries: I am right. We
don't need a long winded argument. If you don't believe me, write via
private email, or better yet, write a program to test it yourself)

Evan Jeffrey

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