Re: If you want to be sneaky about it...

Scott M. Hinnrichs (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 14:03:37 -0700

At 12:59 PM -0700 6/11/97, Steve Borho wrote:
> If you really wanted an advantage over the other groups searching for the
>key, you would spy on them periodically and find out what key-spaces they
>have searched and mark them "checked" in your own list; thereby adding their
>efforts to your own...

Hmmm, what if both groups were doing this, and both groups were posting
bogus keyspace reports to mis-inform the competition? This would have the
amusing effect of causing both groups to finish the "entire" keyspace, and
not find the golden key.

What does happen if we get down to the last key pair... and no match is
found... do we start again after the code has been fixed?


For the humor impaired --> I am joking :)