Sneaky Idea to enlist the Unwashed Masses

Charles Forsythe (
Wed, 11 Jun 97 16:02:52

My co-worker's been tossing out this idea... he's never going to implement it so I
thought I'd mention it in this list and see what people think. Here it is:

1. Make a Java-applet DES cracker client
2. Attract people to your page (any picture of a naked woman usually works)
3. Have the client crack a small keyspace (.5M?), as it may not live long

At .5M a pop, you'd need 8M runs a day to match the current DESchall. Of course,
if the client stayed alive longer (you can pull some tricks to keep an applet from
ending), then you'd get more than 1 run per hit. If you put enough porno on your
page, you could easily get a few million hits a day... hence a few million hapless
web surfers help you crack DES...

Another approach would be to be explicit about what you were doing, offer a prize
($1000), and put banner ads on a couple of major sites ("Win $1000 right now!").
Then, encourage people to leave the applet running. Higher cost, but non-sleazy.

What d'y'all think?

-- Charles