Re: Sneaky Idea to enlist the Unwashed Masses

Clyde Williamson (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 19:32:06

At 04:02 PM 6/11/97, you wrote:
>My co-worker's been tossing out this idea... he's never going to implement
it so I
>thought I'd mention it in this list and see what people think. Here it is:
> 1. Make a Java-applet DES cracker client
> 2. Attract people to your page (any picture of a naked woman usually works)
> 3. Have the client crack a small keyspace (.5M?), as it may not live long
>At .5M a pop, you'd need 8M runs a day to match the current DESchall. Of
>if the client stayed alive longer (you can pull some tricks to keep an
applet from
>ending), then you'd get more than 1 run per hit. If you put enough porno
on your
>page, you could easily get a few million hits a day... hence a few million
>web surfers help you crack DES...
>What d'y'all think?

I'm not a Java programmer by any means, but wouldn't the client be much
slower than our current deschall client, besides even though Java is cross
platform wouldn't it have to at least be tweaked for different hardware....
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