Re: Block expiration time

Greg Trotter (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 20:02:17 -0500

At 7:07 PM -0500 6/11/97, Paul Westbrook wrote:
> How long after the server sends a block of keys, does it put the
>block back in the queue, if it doesn't get a response from the client?
>Would this be a problem for clients running on slow machines?

That is an interesting question; however, from running the program on
several different desktop computers, it seems to pick a block size that
takes about an hour to process -- so that it adjusts to the speed of the
processor. Over here, I've found that running on a Mac IIfx (40 MHz 68030)
goes at about 12 kkps, so it usesa block size of 2^26. On a 160 MHz PPC
603e, it uses a block size of 2^30, because that's how many it can do in
about an hour at 715 kkps.

So, the fast machines and the slow machines seem to report progress just as
often -- the faster machines just have more keys to check.

- greg

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