RE: Sneaky Idea to enlist the Unwashed Masses

Andrew Welty (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 06:17:59 -0700 (PDT)

> >>>My co-worker's been tossing out this idea... he's never going
> >>>to implement it so I
> >>>thought I'd mention it in this list and see what people think.
> >>>Here it is:
> >>> 1. Make a Java-applet DES cracker client
> >>
> >>I think it should be added to the FAQ, since at least three
> >>people have come up with this clever idea in the past three
> >>months.
> >
> >Wouldn't such an applet violate the export laws of the US and Canada?
> Wouldn't this idea sincerely annoy the person whose machine actually found
> the key, if they ever figured it out?
> If it were *my* machine, I know it would.

I think the $4,000 US would compensate them for there otherwise wasted CPU