Re: Other Efforts

Seth D. Schoen (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 11:17:53 -0400

>Maybe we could get Johnny Carson to predict it for us, or failing that, Deion
>Warwick and her psychic friends.

It seems that the $10,000 DES Challenge is an instant mini-version of James
Randi's 2000 Club -- just add water. Then again, if any psychics can break DES
by methods other than brute force, they're probably already in the employ of
NSA for considerably more than RSA Data Security _or_ James Randi would give
them for that ability.

Nothing is more dangerous for man's private morality than the habit of
commanding.  The best man, the most intelligent, disinterested, generous,
pure, will infallibly and always be spoiled at this trade.
            -- Mikhail A. Bakunin (thanks to Rabbi Albert Axelrad)