Re: 6X86 CPUs

andrew meggs (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 12:55:19 -0400

>> I'm not bashing Intel, I own a Pentium myself, but don't you think that
>> creating a market segment by selling crippled 486 chips with disabled
>> math coprocessors and calling them 486SX's
>No more so than when Moto and Apple sold crippled (buggy) 040 processors
>w/o the math coprocessor, and called them 68LC040's

My understanding in both cases was that it was just something to do with
the chips whose integer units passed quality control but whose FPU's
didn't. If the demand for the FPU-less chip got to be higher than the
failure rate, there were undoubtedly some fully working chips shipping with
their FPU disabled, but that's nothing new. When the demand for chips with
low clock speeds exceeds the percentage of chips that run at a low speed
but fail at a high speed, they'll just label a high-speed chip with the low
speed and sell it at a discount. The tricky part of selling chips is to
adjust your price structure so that demand for each of your
performance/quality levels matches the percentage of your chips that
perform at that level.

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