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Chris (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 19:38:24 -0400

I tried not to respond to the last one, but I can't help it. I agree
mostly with mark, but really wanted to respond to someother crap being sent
in this group. A P166 (meaning a P rated chip) such as the cyrix chip, is
almost by definition equivalent to a Pentium 166. This is based on running
winstone (an industry standard free bench mark that simulates ACTUAL
programs like excel - actual excel code is on the cd they send you) tests
on these chips. Although I would say cyrix in the past has been full of
crap (I think they were the ones selling .5 k caches in 386 chips and
calling them 486) I think the P rating system is great. I have the P75 AMD
5x86 133 which is supposed to run at about the speed of a 75 mhz pentium, I
have run MANY benchmarks on my computer and can say this is a very accurate
estimate. I have not personally run them on cyrix chips, but have read
reviews and the P ratings have always been fair accurate estimate. The
person who picked on the cyrix owner should get his facts straight before
lashing out. There is probably a good reason for the difference and
someone who knew something about the chips could explain it. The P ratings
are fair for the average use of computers. Using a computer to brute
force break keys is NOT AN AVERAGE USE of computers. There must be some
technical difference the pent has over the cyrix chip. For example my AMD
5x86 can do keys about half the speed of Pentium 166. For the Prime number
challenge the same Pentium is more like 9 times faster.

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> Subject: Re: 6X86 CPUs
> Date: Thursday, June 12, 1997 7:44 AM
> Howard Wilson wrote:
> >
> > When Cyrix and AMD stop lying about their chips, I will be the first
> > in line
> > to buy them. Until then, Intel may or may not be a huge corporate
> > monster,
> > but they haven't lied to me about what I was buying.
> >
> > Howard
> I'm not bashing Intel, I own a Pentium myself, but don't you think that
> creating a market segment by selling crippled 486 chips with disabled
> math co
> processors and calling them 486SX's so they could sell non-crippled 486
> chips
> with an extra pin and call them a 487's was pretty darn close to lying
> to
> customers about what they were buying.
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