Re: 6X86 CPUs

Howard Wilson (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 22:12:57 -0500 (CDT)

> Second, the Cyrix 6X86 P166+ actually runs at 133MHz and the reason
> they call it the P166+ is that it is supposed to run as fast as
> an equivalent pentium 166 (plus some). Now, the last time I
> checked, a few days ago, people using the OS/2 client on a
> real pentium 133 was getting a key rate of ~600-700K/sec and
> maybe better while my machine is lucky to get 525K/sec. I don't
> know what pentium optimization the Cyrix can't handle but I am
> willing to help get clients optimized for the 6X86 platform.

I stand corrected on the actual speed, but I still (possibly stubbornly)
hold my position. Cyrix (having a vested interest) tells you the P166
is as fast as if not faster than a True Pentium 166. Deschall tells you
otherwise. I would also like to see Cyrix optimized code, if possible, I just
don't think anyone with a 133Mhz chip should be surprised by 133MHz
performance. If in other programs, you;re as fast as or faster than a
Pentium166...GREAT! But you *MUST* admit you don't have a Pentium166.

> My intention was not to start a flame war over CPU's. If I had
> my 'druthers, not to mention plenty of cash, I'd on the hottest,
> fastest, most expensive thing out there. But, in the real world,
> I buy what gets me the most bang for the buck. Chip makers play
> there marketing game, and our game is to figure out the facts
> throught the martketing smoke. Hence Cyrix uses 'P166+' and
> says that means it is as good as a pentium 166, while Intel sells
> (sold) 'daim bramaged' 486's as 486SX's.

I'm glad the flame war didn't spread to the list, remaining mostly in my
mailbox (where it was mostly ignored). Most of the flames are against
Intel selling the 486SX. As I didn't mention the 386 with a cache sold
as a 486 by Cyrix, or the 486 with a few optimized instructions sold as a
586 (again, Cyrix), I didn't think THAT old horse would be flogged.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do NOT wave an Intel flag. Claiming a copyright
on two letters of the alphabet (MMX) is insane. Almost as insane as
trying to copyright the numbers 386 and 486. I am pulling for them to be
knocked out of the ivory tower, I just don't agree that the competition
can best do that by lying.

> I'm not really interested in which is 'better', I just want a faster
> (read optimized) client for my platform. I volunteered to help
> and can compile stuff for OS/2 and Linux so if anyone knows how to
> go about optimizing the clients for a new platform, please inform me
> how I should start.

Exactly. I always want the fastest. I would also like to see an optimized
version for the Cyrix, if for no other reason than to get through the keys
faster and prove our point about DES.


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