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Subject: 64-bit Ultra Client now available

64-bit Ultra Sparc code now available!

If you're an UltraSPARC user, we've got some good news! Head over
to the DESCHALL Home Page <> and link to
the DESCHALL Client Archives!

Why? How about another 97% keyrate increase!

167MHz UltraSPARC ....... 669K keys per second -- V0.214
167MHz UltraSPARC ....... 1220K keys per second -- v0.215-dk002
167MHz UltraSPARC ....... 2400K keys per second -- v0.215-dk003

This new Ultra client is a combination of:

- Rocke's DESCHALL algorithm. [present in all DESCHALL clients]
- Darrell's bitslice code. [new with v0.215-dk001]
- Darrell's optimized bitslice engine. [new with dk003]
- Rocke's optimized S-boxes. [new with dk003]

Most importantly, Darrell has taken some heroic measures to get his
64-bit client to perform reliably under a 32-bit operating system!
Thanks, Darrell!

The 64-bit Ultra client actually runs two 32-bit bitslice clients in
parallel on each processor.

One of the clients uses the low-order 32-bits of the Ultra's 64-bit
word. The other client uses the high-order 32-bits of the 64-bit word.

On a single-CPU system, you will see two clients start up together,
and work in tandem.

On a dual-CPU system, if you tell the client you have 2 CPUs, you will
see two pairs of clients start up together. Each pair will work in
tandem on one CPU.

A technical note explaining more about the reason for the "two-headed"
client will be posted to the DESCHALL Web site, shortly.

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