Re: overloaded?

Scott M. Hinnrichs (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 11:33:02 -0700

Must be a new problem, I have been downloading stuff for weeks without a
problem from machines here at

...just tried from another domain, and it failed too (,

Either the internic service is hosed, or they changed the format of the
message you are expecting.

Thanks, Scott

At 10:30 AM -0700 6/14/97, C Matthew Curtin wrote:
>>>>>> "Scott" == Scott M Hinnrichs <> writes:
>Scott> I keep getting an "Export status not determined" message when
>Scott> trying to get to the download page for the new UltraSparc
>Scott> client. It is probably just overloaded, it took quite a while
>Scott> to come back. DNS/revdns here is fine.
>newsman is far from being overloaded. :-)
>The delay in processing the request is caused by delays in getting a
>reply back from a whois query against the InterNIC.
>The reason for the 'maybe' reply seems to be a screwed up record for
> Looks like "" is being returned as the
>country code on the registration address. seems to be
>having problems right now; I can't do a query to verify this, and the
>web server there is also dropping connections before throwing data back.