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Michael R. McClelland (
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 18:23:37 -0500

The numbers for the running totals are kept in "DESGUI.ini" in whatever
directory you installed the program in. Open it in a text editor and change
the entries under [Statistics] to anything you want. Mine looks like this
right now:
I don't have a clue how it might have got so far off.
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Subject: DESGUI messed up

Hi, I have a little problem with DESGUI, checking back with the statistics
tab a couple of minutes ago, I see that my total time that is has been used
jumped from ~50 hours to 387 hours. This puts my average rate down to
76,330 keys per second from around 600k to 650k keys per second. My first
question is, would this be merely a cosmetic problem or will it adversely
affect the key info (like maybe reporting some done that weren't). My
second question is, how would I go about getting this to read the correct
numbers? It give correct numbers for the last blocks that have been
Now, for a bit of background info, this is an Intel Pentium 133, and I
have been doing some programming/testing with a program that changes the
date. The most it ever got changed was to 6-1-97, but I've look through
the DESGUI logs and it never reports that date recently. And yes, the
current date is correct.
I'm pretty much assuming that this is from that somehow, but I'm just
wondering if I can fix it. Thanks in advance.

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