u2t and client on 1 PC?

Freddie Cash (derf@emails.com)
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 21:10:38 -0800

Hey everybody,

It seems my ISP is blocking all UDP traffic, so I cannot participate
at the moment. I was wondering if the U2T script could be run on a
single Win95 PC? (Correct me if I'm wrong) my understanding is that
this script will translate the client's UDP packets into TCP packets,
then send them off to a gateway PC where they are translated to UDP
and sent to the server. If this can be done on my PC, it would appear
I could resume crunching keys.

If this is feasible, please let me know. If it is, please direct me
as to where I can find the U2T stuff, and how to set it up (I know
little about scripting, networking, et al).

My setup is as follows: 486/100MHz, 20MB RAM, Win95, 33.6K dial-up
connection a la SLIP.

Thanks for your time,
- pyrokin@hotmail.com
- derf@emails.com