Re: MacOS Benchmarks

Greg Trotter (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 00:26:17

At 09:30 PM 6/15/97 -0500, Hit wrote:

>I'm running MacOS 7.5.5 on a Dual 180mhz PowerPC 604e PowerMac 8500 (45mhz
>system bus, 112MB RAM, 1MB L2 cache). I believe the vast majority of the
>rest of you are running non-Mac systems, so if you don't know anything
>about Mac benchmarks, what are comparable machines on other platforms
>getting? Thanks for any info and tips for speeding me up.

2100 kkps sounds about right. I'm running it on several 160 MHz 603e's... I
get about 700 kkps on those when Deschall is in the foreground. I can get
about another 10 kkps by quitting all other applications.

Just for kicks, I fired it up on a IIfx... 9 kkps :) Doesn't seem like it
was all that long ago when the IIfx was the fastest off-the-shelf micro

- greg