Re: will people drop out?

Greg Trotter (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 00:36:36

At 12:17 AM 6/16/97 -0400, Eating Before Swimming wrote:

>Since you dont know how many machines that sun nor us are running,
>it doesnt really matter, does it. Could be 60 (which is about how many we
>have), coulb be 400 or 2000, or even 10000 IPCs that SUN has! (IPCs
>are pretty slow. :)

Sun's already said they're running it on a 64-processor Starfire, in
addition to the other machines that have been running it. I'm not sure
whether deschall will continue to run on that computer, however.

>It doesnt matter. Get your own effort together! The remaining 10000
>hosts that arent @ sun or CMU or PSU or wherever are still alot of cycles.
>Get a few people togehther like we have, ccordinate your effort. All it takes
>is 50 pentiums to get in the top 30 or so of the stats if thats important
>to you...

How true! Here at OU, we've risen from nowhere to 8th place in about a
week... check the stats! And we don't have any monster computers working on
it... UltraSparcs and dual-processor Pentiums seem to be the fastest things
we have. By and large, it's due to a lot of regular computers. I have the
Power Macs at the school newspaper churning after deadline, for example.

Yes, the monster computers can process a lot of keys. But the next key your
client processes could well be the correct one. And, before Sun fired up
that 200+ MKey/sec monster, I was still impressed with the progress being
made by the computers participating.

- greg

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