Re: Forcing 2^31 keys/block

Colin L. Hildinger (
Mon, 16 Jun 97 17:36:34 -0500

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997 17:32:11 -0400, Jim Renney wrote:

>At 02:32 PM 6/16/97 -0500, Timur Tabi wrote:
>>I don't want the client to connect to the server every 45 minutes.
>>I want it to try ever 2-3 hours instead.
>Here's another reason for longer keyblocks- I get charged for making over
>400 calls/month. At my current testing rate, I'd make over 600 calls. And
>I have another machine I'd like to run off that same phone line, but that
>would make things even worse. Any ideas?

Run the Solnet client? Of course, they'll only give you $1000 if you
find the magic key, but the new 1.04 client is >90% as fast as
DESCHALL, so it's not all bad. You could run the Solnet client on the
machine that is slowest and request as many keyblocks as it can get
done before they expire or as many as it will let you. All of the
Solnet keyblocks are 2^28?, but you can grab like 20 at once.

Colin L. Hildinger

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