Solnet at new high rate

Colin L. Hildinger (
Mon, 16 Jun 97 19:34:45 -0500

With the new X86 clients out at Solnet we are going to be in trouble
REAL SOON. Solnet is now up to 3 Mkeys/s, and I expect that to rise
dramatically over the next 24 hours. They have a LOT of X86 machines
and this new code will speed their search dramatically. Rocke, please
listen to the people about making a client that can do >1 block at a
time. It shouldn't be that hard, should it? Maybe you could right a
local proxy that would grab 5-10 blocks from
and then the client would talk to the proxy? How's that? Then you
wouldn't have to change the client or the server code. Timur, I know
you or one of the other OS/2 programmer here could do an OS/2 version
if Rocke would let you/help you. Also, we have the person who ported
the Solnet client to OS/2 on this list, so I suspect that he has a
little experience. Anyway, what do you say, Rocke? Is this a good

Colin L. Hildinger

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