Re: Forcing 2^31 keys/block

Seth D. Schoen (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 22:46:45 -0400

I'm currently using dialup at home and have problems using dial-on-demand
(first, there's no such thing obvious to me for Linux 1.2.13, although I'm
considering writing a very scaled-down Unix equivalent of DESGUI -- and
second, other people are often using the phone line, so I can only use it
at night).

I've been experimenting with running multiple clients simultaneously, and it
seems to be somewhat effective -- I'm getting my machine to contribute more
time that it was before, although still not 100%. Soon, when I get my network
of three 386 machines up, the enormous speed and contributions which this
could render to the project will make me very interested in an offline proxy
server... :-)

Actually, just the curiosity of the thing, really -- it's an interesting
theoretical possibility. My actual contributions to the project come in
rounding up other people's computers, not from my tiny home LAN.

I'd like to know how the extra server load from running multiple clients per
CPU balances against the corresponding increase in time which can be given
to the project by people who have intermittent access.

Nothing is more dangerous for man's private morality than the habit of
commanding.  The best man, the most intelligent, disinterested, generous,
pure, will infallibly and always be spoiled at this trade.
            -- Mikhail A. Bakunin (thanks to Rabbi Albert Axelrad)