Request for assistance

Rocke Verser (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 01:15:33 -0600


In order to produce the nightly stats in a timely and reliable
fashion, Karl needs access to a bigger, beefier box.

Specifically, he needs:

- ssh access to a Unix system
- A fast CPU. [PPro 200 or Ultra or Alpha or ...]
- Reliable! Must be up 24x7.
- Well-connected. Prefer T-1 connectivity to the Internet.
- Disk space. Minimum of 250MB. Prefer 500MB.
- RAM. Minimum 64MB.
- Secure. Machine will contain some sensitive data, including IP
addresses people have asked to remain confidential. You will
be expected to honor that confidentiality.
- Backups. Highly desireable that Karl's disk space be backed up

Karl can give you more details, but the log processing on your
machine would typically begin *every night* in the wee hours of
the morning. When anomalies are reported or Karl needs to test
something, log processing may also occur at other times of the day.

Reliability and availability are *very* important!

If you can help Karl out, please send your offers to him at
<>. There are probably other criteria I have forgotten
to mention, so don't be surprised if Karl asks for something extra. :)


-- Rocke