Quick Reflection on the Weekend (sun.com)

John Falkenthal (john.falkenthal@West.Sun.COM)
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 00:58:09 -0800 (PDT)

I suppose I should chime in given the events of this past weekend
(in case you don't watch the stats, sun.com posted some _HUGE_ numbers
this past weekend)...

As you will soon see, sun.com cannot sustain those numbers during the work
week (at least, not yet). Remember, we wage war against Microsoft Mon-Fri.
Someone suggested sun.com was throwing "millions of dollars of hardware"
at DESCHALL - well, I can't argue with that, he was right. I was wary
of this situation, so long ago I ran it by the keeper of the faith himself,
and was blessed to go forward (He said 10B keys/sec would be okay too :-)

- DONT QUIT!! You've got a PC at home doing 200K keys/sec and you're
thinkin' "What good is this?".. Besides sun.com getting a lot of the
wrong keys out of the way for you :-), you're chances of finding the
winning key haven't changed all that much (i'm no stud mathematician, but
I sure as hell know buying a 1000 lottery tickets doesn't improve my chances
much more than buying 1). [someone had suggested that sun.com was a factor
of 1000 faster than their domain] On the flipside - you're chances of
being on the winning team have changed (for the better) significantly.

I've had my Linux box at home chugging away 7x24 at 275K keys/sec, and
wouldn't dream of taking it offline. I think it would be hilarious if
I hit it at home and not work !!!

- Given the above, my viewpoint is this: I want to be on the winning team.
This contest will be solved, that is a given. The point will have been
demonstrated... The only thing left to speculate on is: what team will do
it? I very much want DESCHALL to be the winner... I've read Rocke's
public comments suggesting that he would prefer SolNET hit it tomorrow
rather than DESCHALL hitting it 3 months from now... sorry Rocke - I
disagree!!!! :-) [ denying SGI/Cray their prize would be pretty cool too ]

Some have been curious about our makeup... off the top of my head I'd say
we had 100 Ultra 1 workstations, about 8 Starfires of various configurations
and a slew of "others" (i.e. previous generation servers, SPARC 5's, etc.)
Hmmm, not so impressive now that I read it back...

If "sun.com" wins - DESCHALL wins. If loop.net wins (ranked 1152 yesterday),
DESCHALL wins. If SolNET wins, we LOSE! That's my take.

JF and the renegade sun.com team