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Maurice v/d Zwaan (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 11:01:08 +0200

> From: John Falkenthal <john.falkenthal@West.Sun.COM>
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> Subject: Quick Reflection on the Weekend (
> Date: dinsdag 17 juni 1997 10:58
> ...........
> If "" wins - DESCHALL wins. If wins (ranked 1152
> DESCHALL wins. If SolNET wins, we LOSE! That's my take.
> JF and the renegade team

Hi John,

first, I'm running my clients in the SolNET challenge. (Currently not the
smartest thing, if my goal was to win the contest with 'my' effort, but
watch out for our new clients :-)

Second, the contest is to break DES, not to beat others to it.

I already think we (the Internet community) have won. Not only is it
possible to rally up so much people for a single cause, it can also be
accomplished two times (or three if you count SGI). It's just a 'great
feeling of a global community', to watch these hundreds (?thousands?) of
people put time and effort into a global effort. Whereas people's homepages
try to center the Internet around them, these challenges let people be only
a small little gear in a very large machine, and people love it!

Because of this, I sure hope after DES has been cracked, everyone will
switch to the Bovine RC5 crack and give them a super-turbo-mega-boost. If
we can keep the momentum, most RSA challenges will be cracked in no time
(well almost no time).

Maurice v/d Zwaan