U2T and Stats?

Michael J. Rogan (mrogan@fpelectronics.com)
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 09:43:33 +0000

Hello All

I have recently switched half my DES cracking machines (The ones the
company allows me to use ~25 P100 ~25 P166) and have run the U2T Perl
script on a Linux box; with modifications to remove proxy errors
which crashes all deschall clients. I've had the anonymous set to 0
for a day and 1 for a day currently set to 0. On Solinet the stats update
many times per day so that I can see my status but on deschall I have
yet to see my domain on any stats list. My proxy server is
gateway.ivhs.com or gateway.fpelectronics.com depending on which DNS you ask. is there a way to check the current status of a

How will the winning domain/machine be notified or will it just be
broadcast to this group that XYZ domain had the correct code?


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Mark IV Industries, F-P Electronics & I.V.H.S. Divisions
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