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Stephen Haffly (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 18:07:28 MST

** Reply to note from john.falkenthal@West.Sun.COM (John Falkenthal) Tue, 17 Jun 1997 00:58:09 -0800 (PDT)
> If "" wins - DESCHALL wins. If wins (ranked 1152
> yesterday), DESCHALL wins. If SolNET wins, we LOSE! That's my take.
> JF and the renegade team
And if my little old AMD 5x86/133 running approximately 147k keys/sec
wins, likewise. You presented some good reasons to keep it plugging

I realize my chances of getting the key are very slimm. I tried to
calculate a percentage, but it was too small for the calculator ;-).
The project itself caught my fancy, and since (with the exception of
when I run one program that this client seems to interfere with) I
can run the client in the background with no noticable impact on my
using the system, it is there contributing its miniscule amount of
power to the total effort. Even so, many miniscule efforts make up
one great effort.

BTW, I am running the OS/2 client. The only conflict I have is with
the Post Road News Reader. If I try to run it while the DESCHALL
client is active, PRNR freezes on me. Process Commander allows
me to suspend the DESCHALL client while I run PRNR. Afterward, I can
resume DESCHALL with only the bit of lost processing time. I don't
know why this happens. Perhaps it is because PRNR is trying to run
at an even lower priority than DESCHALL.

InJoy enables the automatic connect for key reporting and exchange
when one block is finished. This project was the incentive to try
(and then to register) InJoy. I wouldn't have tried it otherwise
since iLink/2 was working so well for me.

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