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Aaron Williams (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 20:10:46 PST

** Reply to note from Stephen Haffly <> Tue, 17 Jun
1997 18:07:28 MST

> BTW, I am running the OS/2 client. The only conflict I have is with
> the Post Road News Reader. If I try to run it while the DESCHALL
> client is active, PRNR freezes on me. Process Commander allows
> me to suspend the DESCHALL client while I run PRNR. Afterward, I can
> resume DESCHALL with only the bit of lost processing time. I don't
> know why this happens. Perhaps it is because PRNR is trying to run
> at an even lower priority than DESCHALL.

I have the same problem with Post Road Mailer. The solution is to change
the priority of the DES Challenge program to IDLE +1 instead of IDLE +31.
IDLE +1 will prevent CPU performance monitors from interfering with DES
Challenge and stealing cycles. With IDLE +0 pulse.exe will eat up 50% of
the CPU cycles!


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