Lee Sheridan (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 02:42:28 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Karl J. Runge wrote:

> These seem tiny, but, well, there are 13,000 (probably more) hosts
> out there! The great thing is that Rocke's client-server system works so
> well slow machines don't get in the way, so we just keep them cranking
> away. There is no reason to quit.

I look at it this way. According to the statistics page, the domain has tested 358416*2^20 keys, or in base 10, roughly 375 billion
keys. Not a lot. The recent cumulative rate for DESCHALL seems to be
about 6 billion keys/sec. So, if we were to find the key right now (at 6
billion k/s), my domain would have shortened the search by about one
minute. (375B/6B) That seems to be a fairly substantial contribution for
what until recently has mostly been a 486DX-33 and a few hours on a
SPARC-1000 (At least one other person within my domain has joined within
the last week, probably more)

> I know this is corny, but my pc's hit the 1 trillion keys mark last night.
> I like the sound of that number. That's what I tell my laymen (and
> non-laymen!) friends about my contribution. 3000 CPU hours on a 486 is
> still a good crunch!!

Agreed. For me, knowing the time is a bit more tangible than `Billions of
keys', though.

Complaints about my math welcome, with an explanation. For now, I'm going
to bed.


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