Re: Monster machines vs. desktops

Evan Jeffrey (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 15:17:08 -0500

>On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Greg Trotter wrote:
>> Yes, well, let's include the cost of a power supply, hard drive, case, etc.
>> to keep the comparison honest.
>I'm seeing a lot of extras in there... Might as well throw in a sound
>card while we're at it, no? That's about as relevant to DESCHALL's
>performance as the case (run it in a cardboard box) or a hard drive (use a
>boot floppy)....

Im seeing people forget that we are using idle CPU time. Slapping together
bare bones computers for the sole purpose of running DESCHALL is not a good
comparison. So in general, we should talk about computers that are usable,
but aren't useing all their CPU cycles. A motherboard in a cardboard box
with a boot floppy and a 2400 baud modem is not a very useful computer for
almost anything but deschall. (No wiseass remarks about "it'll to bovine
RC5, too!")

You could say that my 486/100 is has the highes kk/sec/$ rating because A) I
already own it, the ethernet card, and have fixed rate ethernet, and B) it
would always be on anyway, so there is zero extra electricity cost. So I am
getting oo (infinity) keys/sec/$ because it is costing nothing, which is
the spirit of DESCHALL (IMO).

Oh, and in practice, computers really do need cases, or more specifically
they need the frame (covers are for wimps that don't like to see wires) to
hold everything securely together. Not a technical requirement per se, but
it really does help. If you are keeping logs, a hard drive is a good idea
to, especially with the processor overhead of writing to a floppy everytime
deschall outputs a dot ;). PCs will not boot without a video card, for some
stupid reason. Or, at least I have never seen one that would. Some will
not boot without a keyboard (even if the bios option is set to disabled).

Evan Jeffrey

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