What's Next?

Rocke Verser (rcv@dopey.verser.frii.com)
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 14:20:46 -0600

First. Thanks to all who helped! It wouldn't have been possible
without you.

What's next? I intend to leave the keyserver running for a few
days. I'll reconfigure it to fill in some of the abandoned keyspace
around the correct key. Just to get a complete record that might
be burned onto a CD-ROM and might someday be published.

Stay tuned if you like, or head for greener pastures. THANK YOU ALL
for helping!

Other projects seeking distributed computing time are invited to make
their case and solicit computers from this mailing list. I am
personally aware of GIMPS and at least one RC5 effort. But I don't
intend to endorse any particular effort at this time.

-- Rocke