The fat lady sings!

Justin Dolske (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 16:34:46 -0400 (EDT)

WE DID IT!!!!!!

Congradulations everyone! We've successively cracked RSA's DES Challenge!

A few personal thoughts...

I'd like to first thank ALL of the people who contributed CPU cycles,
regardless of the amount. It was you that made this project possible. Not
to sound too sappy, but I really think that being part of this project is
something we can all be proud of. I guess that in the next few days,
we'll see if the rest of the world agrees with my sentiment... Rocke also
deserves a huge amount of credit for getting this project off the ground,
and being able to deal with the hundreds of participants (and developers
:) nagging and bugging him. Finally, the SolNet folks also deserve some
recognition. A little friendly competetion always helps speed things
along! Magnus, Fredrik, and crew have caught some flak recently, but
they've done an admirable job.

Wow, so what's next?

Well, that's basically it for DESCHALL. The only major work remaining is
to deal with the media. :-) Hopefully we'll be successful in calling some
attention to today's important issues in the politics of cryptography.

We'll also probably see about getting together some sort of T-shirt deal
for people interested in wearing a 100% pure cotton souvineer. More
details later. If anyone know of a good Tshirt shop that's set up to take
orders on the web at a reasonable price, drop us a line. Otherwise, feel
free to raid the DESCHALL pages for graphics and text to stick into your
own DESCHALL page. :-)

Finally, DESCHALL has no official successor... But, there are a couple
of other distributed Internet projects going on that people may be
interested in participating in. There's another 56 bit effort for RC5,
same basic idea as DESCHALL. <URL:> If you're
looking for something a little different, check out the Great Internet
Mersennt Prime Search (GIMPS), which is searching for special prime
numbers. <URL:> If anyone knows of any other
major distributed efforts, lemme know.

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