Re: What's Next?

andrew meggs (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:28:08 -0400

At 6:20 PM -0400 6/18/97, C Matthew Curtin wrote:
>>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Trotter <> writes:
>Greg> They could really benefit from the deschall programmers... their
>Greg> client runs at about one third the speed the DESCHALL client did
>Greg> on my Mac...
>Remember that you can't compare the speed of RC5 encryptions with DES
>encryptions. The two algortihms are very different. RC5 encryptions
>are more expensive to perform, computationally, than DES.

However, the computations in RC5 are much more natural for a mainstream CPU
to perform, so it evens out. DES was never intended to be implemented in

As for the specific performance of Bovine's PowerPC client, I've got their
code and a 3x speedup might not be unrealistic. I've seen compilers that
wrote better assembly than what they're using now.

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