Re: Thank you!

Scott Fendley (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:06:02 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Jeff Gilchrist wrote:

> > I'll see if we can get a T-shirt worked up quick.

The team at the University of Arkansas would like to congratulate the
DESCHALL group for the hard work everyone put into it. Who knows we might
have gotten that key here if our internet connection wouldn't have died
for about an hour last night. around midnight (central time). Which of
the stats would be the more official one? The one from midnight last
night or the one from midnight tonight? I would guess that would make the #10 *.edu domain to work on the project and the #11 overall.
Not bad for this little old school. I would like to thank the GA Tech
group for sending us a new chancellor and perhaps a wave of hope for the
UA to become bigger and better then we are.

Our WWWIIG organization (WWW/Internet Intrest Group) has even talked about
maybe hosting another contest one of these days. Perhaps we can work on
building clients for one of the upper level RC5 encryption sets and be
ready for all of the rc5 participants to join us sometime in the next year
or so. Rocke would you mind emailing me sometime and will talk about how
you set up the keyserver?

Congrats to everyone. From Mac IIvxs (and lower) to Dec Alphas and Sun
Starfires and everything in between, we all showed the world that there is
a bit of unity on the net and that we can take on any challenge.

One last thing. I would like a t-shirt or few (there may be others here
at UA that might want them also.

Scott Fendley
University of Arkansas
Department of Computer Science