Re: What's Next?

Seth D. Schoen (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 23:49:53 -0400

>As for the specific performance of Bovine's PowerPC client, I've got their
>code and a 3x speedup might not be unrealistic. I've seen compilers that
>wrote better assembly than what they're using now.

If you write it, Andrew, we'll run it...

I hope 56-bit RC5 is cracked by the fall, but I can persuade people at my
high school to run about 70 Macs, perhaps with a new client you might do
for Bovine? And I'm headed to Berkeley in the fall, a place fairly well
known for having computers around, and I'd certainly do whatever PR is
possible. T-shirts, bumperstickers, sandwich boards... :-)

In regard to that press release and party I mentioned for 25% completion:
it looks like there's now an even better reason both for a press release
and for a party. I suppose Rocke will be getting a phone call from John
Markoff in the next few days.

I had a little DESCHALL victory celebration at home with some ice cream,
coke, and balloons, but it's a little bit difficult to explain the
significance of cracking DES to my parents, who are (unlike myself)
older than the standard itself.

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